Υear of Establishment: 2020

Address: 7, Neratzoulas str., Acharnes, P.C.: 136 72, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 2446848

Web Site: www.wetac.gr

e-mail: info@wetac.gr

WETAC HELLAS SA is active in the field of Energy and in particular in Trading & Support of:

  • Batteries.
  • Energy Storage Systems.
  • UPS.
  • Rectifier Systems.
  • Hybrid Systems, etc.

Member of the WETAC STAND BY International BV group started its activity in Greece in September 2020. The Dutch firm has five branches in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, England, Switzerland) and presence in more than 28 countries, with main activity the trading of batteries and customers in the field of telecommunications.

WETAC HELLAS, staffed with experienced personnel from the field of energy and telecommunications, represents and supports in Greece Energy Storage System PiXii, Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS) of the companies EAST GROUP and SIEL SpA, as well as equipment of the company DELTA ELECTRONICS.

The existence of a warehouse at our headquarters as well as warehouses in the Netherlands and Germany ensures the immediate availability of various types of batteries.

Contact Person: Stamatis Sergis