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Visitors Categories

Verde-tec Environmental Technologies addresses the following types of visitors:

  • Executives, engineers and technicians of LGOs, industry, small industry, large commercial businesses, construction companies, hotels, Transport, Logistics.
  • Heads of technical departments of public Organisations and Businesses.
  • Architects.
  • Contractors.
  • RES investors.
  • Planners.
  • Representatives and traders from around Greece.
  • Foreign company agents.
  • Individuals interested in photovoltaic installations, biological clean-ups and water quality systems or energy saving systems for use in own properties.

Days and hours of operation:

The 5th international exhibition ”Verde.Tec 2024 Environmental Technologies” will take place from 29 to 31 March 2024 at the Mediterranean Exhibition Center (M.E.C.) in Paiania.

Access to MEC:


The Mediterranean Exhibition Center (MEC) is located at Lavriou Avenue 301, in Paiania Attica. It is directly accessible both via Lavriou Avenue (no. 301) and via Attica Street (Exit 17 – Kanza).

With the new road axes, the MEC is now:

10′ from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport
10′ from the Athens – Thessaloniki National Highway (PATHE), Transformation
25′ from the City Center


MEC has 30,000 sq.m. free parking spaces, around its facilities.

how to come (FREE)

Buses (of TSOKAS company) will run daily routes every half hour

• from “Dukissis Placentias” Metro Station to the M.E.C. Exhibition Center (9:00 – 18:00)
• from the Exhibition Center M.E.C. to “Dukissis Placentias” Metro Station (11:00 – 20:00)

By car

MEC is directly and easily accessible by road from all major highways of Attica:

National Road (PATHE), District Ymitto, Attiki Odos Lavriou Avenue, Mesogeion Avenue, Varis Koropiou Avenue

Attiki Odos

MEC is located very close (1.5 km) to Exit 17 – KANTZA of Attica Road.

Traveling from Thessaloniki to MEC:

Moving on the National Highway (PATHE) in the direction of Athens, use Entrance 8 of the Attica Road (Metamorfosi) and take it in the direction of MARKOPOULO.

After about 10 minutes of driving, use Exit 17  – KANTZA of Attica Road to get to the MEC.

Driving from Markopoulos Airport to the MEC:

Moving on Attiki Odos in the direction of ELEFSINA, use Exit 17 – KANTZA to find yourself at the MEC.

Driving on the Ymittos Regional Road to the MEC:

Moving in Cir. Ymittou in the direction of Attiki Odos:

use Exit Y6 – GLYKA NERA and move to Lavriou Avenue in the direction of Peania to find yourself at MEC (2.0 km) or use Exit Y7M and move to Attiki Road in the direction of MARKOPOULO and after driving for about 1 minute, use Exit 17 – KANTZA of the Attica Road to reach the MEC (1.5 km).

Driving on Mesogeion Avenue towards the MEC:

Moving on Mesogeion Ave. in the direction to Rafina, turn right on Lavriou Ave. (St. Paraskevi Cross Junction) in the direction of Paiania to find yourself in MEC (4 km).

Moving on Mesogeion Avenue in the direction of Athens, turn left on Lavriou Avenue (St. Paraskevi Cross Junction) in the direction of Peania to find yourself in MEC (4 km). 

By public transport

Line: 307 Dukissis Placentia – Glyka Nera – Prost. Koropi
Line: 308 Mint – Paiania – Koropi
Line: 125 Mint – Paiania – Varkiza

Stand: BYTHULKA (direction Koropi)
Stop: MICHOULI (direction Athens)

K.T.E.L. Attica 
Lines: from Pedio Areos to Porto Rafti, Lavrio, etc.

Stand: BYTHULKA (direction Koropi)
Stop: MICHOULI (direction Athens)

By train

Suburban Railway
Line: Airport – Ano Liosia

Line: 3 / Airport – Egaleo

By airplane

The Eleftherios International Airport Venizelos” is only 15 km from the MEC.

Using TAXI or CAR, the journey takes 10′, via Attica Road heading towards ELEFSINA (Exit 17 – KANTZA). 

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