Υear of Establishment: 2015

Central store: 5th klm Thessaloniki – Lagada (opposite TITAN), Thessaloniki, P.C.: 565 32, Greece

PO Box: 2203- Polihni Thessalonikis

Τel.: + 30 2311 209060 Fax: + 30 2310 674389

Βranch: 9, Artis str., Moschato, Athens, P.C.: 183 46, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 4814272 Fax: + 30 2310 674389

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SIMONI VERA is a 100% Greek company dealing with the recycling and processing of textile products since 1983.

We have a long cooperation with the most companies making business in Greek Textile Industry. We collect, separate, standardize and promote their stock products and their by-products either for reuse or in cooperating industries as raw material for the production of new products. Indicatively, they are used as a raw material for the production of recycled yarns, mattresses, insulating materials and cleaning cloths.

In the last five years, we have declared more than 9,000 tons in the IMA, the Greek Waste Registration.

Following specific protocols, we deal a large volume of clothing and other textile products coming from private and public entities.

Our aim is to serve the purpose of Zero Waste not only in the first stage but also in lower next stages of the consumer chain.

In the last year, we have a new business plan for collection and management of textile goods from the municipalities installing bins for collecting used or old clothing, footwear and any other textile product. Our moto is “Looking for a better environment in the future having a win-win collaboration with the Municipalities”.

Contact Person: Dimitrios Peitsidis