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Υear of Establishment: 1962

Address: 54, Spyrou Vrettou str., Acharnes, Athens, P.C.: 136 71, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 2466962

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The foundation of SELLER HELLAS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SA born in 1962, in Athens, was the vision of a single man: Charalambos Koutsouris. His aspiration to become a leader in the products and technologies he offered, i.e. his vision, has endowed us with a sense of direction and purpose. Our ambition is to excel in everything we do. This vision and values have been guiding our choices and decisions to this day.

Since the idea was born, inventiveness has been the driving force behind our success. The current form of SELLER HELLAS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SA developed from a company named ASTRON, which, during the period 1962-1981, dealt with distributing electric power, electrical installations, industrial automation and control, manufacture of electrical equipment etc.

Since 1962 SELLER HELLAS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SA has been specialising in the manufacture and trade of electric panels and electrical equipment. Based on previous production technology and our long experience, we try to meet market demands. Apart from electro-mechanical constructions, we specialise in constructions of solely mechanical nature, such as metal roofs, industrial doors, greenhouses, framework for industrial buildings and storerooms etc.

The people of SELLER HELLAS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SA have been constantly working to enrich and further improve the products and services the company is offering. Our work includes construction associated with industry, energy, shipping, and agricultural & geotechnical applications, as well as major construction projects, such as those for the 2004 Olympic Games.