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We are a multi-shareholder company comprised of 43 businesses, all registered under the association of Attica Earthmoving Contractors. As a collective system, we collaborate with members involved in the management and processing of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). Specifically, we engage with waste handlers such as constructors, technical contractors, and entities leasing equipment, as well as providers of temporary storage, collection, and transportation services for CDW. Additionally, we cooperate with processing units to ensure that CDW generated from public and private projects is directed towards recycling and utilization. The operation of our System is governed by the provisions of Ministerial Decision 36259/1757/E103 (Government Gazette 1312/24.8.2010), which sets the terms and measures for the alternative management of waste from excavations, constructions, and demolitions (CDW), fully aligning with the existing legislation 4819/21.

Our objective is the prevention of waste generation, proper management, and the combat against uncontrolled disposal of debris. We are committed to providing timely information on the necessary procedures that must be followed for the alternative management of waste resulting from projects.

Considering compliance with legislation, continuous information, and adaptation, we ensure the lawful management of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). This involves tracking the transportation, management, and disposal of CDW loads, as well as issuing certificates and documentation for CDW management, either by EWC (for use in HMA reports) or by management code (required for environmental certification systems such as LEED, etc.).

Contact Person: Maria Vitzilaiou