Υear of Establishment: 2021

Address: 32, Dionysiou Solomou str., Likovrissi, P.C.: 141 23, Greece

Τel.: +30 210 2898020

Web Site: www.pedmede-eco.gr

e-mail: info@pedmede-eco.gr

PEDMEDE ECO is a newly established but innovative Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) System for Excavation, Construction & Demolition Wastes (ECDW), giving new momentum to the rational management of non-hazardous ECDW solid wastes. It leverages the leadership position of HERACLES Group in the building materials industry with multiple sites all over Greece as well as the expertise and the assurance of PEDMEDE, one of the largest national associations of engineers contractors of public works.

PEDMEDE ECO’s geographical reach extends to over 25 regional units, while the continuous strengthening and expansion of its network remain its strategic priority.

It coordinates, inspects and ensures the legal and efficient management of ECDW in accordance with the Greek and the European legislations. Thus, PEDMEDE ECO contributes to natural resources and energy savings as well as to the optimal protection of the environment and public health.

Remaining consistently at the forefront of international developments and innovations, PEDMEDE ECO is the first and only ECDW EPR System that participates actively in European organizations and in particular:

  • It is a member of the European Demolition Association (EDA).
  • It is a member of the European Demolition Institute (EDI).

Driven by its vision for implementing the circular model in the society and the economy, PEDMEDE ECO carries out research on the improvement of ECDW collection, processing and utilization, supports and informs stakeholders on best practices as well as it takes initiatives to raise public awareness.

Contact Person: Varvara Kapaskeli