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Address: 19, Andrea Papandreou str., Maroussi, P.C.: 151 24, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 6100320 Fax: + 30 210 6100115

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ONE AND ONLY PLAYGROUNDS was created in an effort to offer young children and parents places for pleasure and relaxation. The company creates model projects for young children with model, 3D instruments in the form of animals, from child-friendly materials. The instruments are interactive and allow simultaneous use by more than 1 child.

In combination to the playground equipment, we use state-of-the-art safety flooring to ensure the lowest possible vibrations in the play areas and maximum safety. Our flooring materials consist of 100% virgin materials for their best and safest physicochemical behavior. In addition, in our model projects we propose specialized water drainage solutions with modern geosynthetic drainage grids for the optimal functionality of the countries.

In the broader context of urban regeneration, ONE AND ONLY PLAYGROUNDS collaborates with professionals from all over Greece and abroad, creating unique urban areas with functional and impressive urban equipment products.

SUNRISE – G.I. KARNOMOURAKIS ENERGEIAKI SA has experience and know-how in the field of construction of sports facilities and especially in football fields with the use of hybrid grass that brings to the field the best characteristics of two worlds – the durability of synthetic and the irreplaceable feeling of natural grass but also the synthetic grass in cases where you are looking for reduced maintenance, great durability, and sustainable use of space. The Company is a representative of one of the largest manufacturing companies in the industry. It has a team of professionals, architects, engineers, and agronomists and can also provide complete proposals specially designed and adapted to customer requirements.

Contact Persons: Aikaterini Rouka, Anina Karnomouraki