Υear of Establishment: 1975

Address: 17th klm Spaton avenue., Pallini, P.C.: 153 51, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 6030221

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NORATEX SA is a dynamic company of experienced engineers, which from 1975 until today, continues to offer high-tech products, specialized light studies and energy systems aimed at facilitating the life and safety of citizens in modern smart cities.

With our new innovative products for smart cities, such as LED street lights, solar LED lights, LED post top lights for playgrounds, walkways, stadium floodlights and smart pedestrian crossings, combined with remote lighting management and Internet of Things, we provide smart solutions with the aim of transitioning our cities to smart and green cities.

Our competitive advantage is that we combine our lights with metal poles, aluminum poles or polyester FRP poles depending on the most suitable combination for the particularity of each area, such as for example protection from strong winds, salt fog, etc.

With more than 500 municipal lighting projects across the country, we provide expert technical advice and lighting studies combined with the most competitive products depending on the requirements of the area.

Contact Persons: Georgios Christodoulou, Athanasia Christodoulou