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Υear of Establishment: 2008

Address: 21, Laskareos & Ippokratous str., Athens, P.C.:114 72, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 3629581 Fax: + 30 210 3630647

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NANODOMI is one of the most effective companies in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the development, design and supply of energy saving and power generation systems.

What makes NANODOMI different from other wholesale suppliers, beyond the immediate availability of products and competitive prices, is that it operates as a “one stop shop” company, while actively advising and participating in project design by focusing on the partner’s personalized requirements.

It is an official distributor of global technology companies, such as:

  • Amerisolar, AE Solar, Sharp PV modules
  • KOSTAL, Chint Power, Tigo, Sungrow, SMA PV Inverters
  • AlumilSolar Mounting Structures
  • Medium Voltage Outdoor Substation for Photovoltaic Plant
  • BYD, Chint Power, Dyness, Sungrow, Sunlight Batteries
  • Tigo Power Optimizers
  • Seaward PV diagnostic tools
  • Solar log PV Energy Management Systems
  • EpSolar Solar Charge Controllers
  • LG, MIDEA Heat Pumps

The successful course of NANODOMI is reflected in the investment in the new Repair Center, which is housed in new, specially designed facilities and provides PV inverter repair services.

NANODOMI operates under ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO50001 certified Quality Management Systems.

Contact Person: Dr Anastasios Antonakos