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Municipalities Central Union of Greece (KEDE) INSTITUTE OF LOCAL ADMINISTRATION (ILA)


KEDE: Address: 65, Acadimias & 8, Gennadiou str., Athens, GR 106 78

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ILA: Address: 6 – 10, Charilaou Trikoupi str., Athens, GR 106 79

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MUNICIPALITIES CENTRAL UNION OF GREECE established by the Resolution of November 3rd, 1927 by the 1st Mayors’ Conference. Articles of this Resolution regulate the Union’s view, management and organization and laid the ground rules for their resources and management.

In 1929 followed recognition of the Union as a legal entity and accompanied by a new statute, in 1931. It reported as a “compound of Municipalities and Communities of Greece”. Metaxas’ government changed Union’s procedure and granted “Local Review” magazine, edited by the Director of Local Government, Ministry of Interior.

Union abolished in 1941 by Legislative Decree 71/41 during WWII. After war, local government institutions called Central Government to allow KEDE’s reestablishment. During the 4th Municipalities Conference of Greece, in 1951, participants were asked to decide on the new Union’s constitution. Professor C. Papahatzis took over to prepare draft law “On reconstitution of the Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece”, as it happened in reality.

After restoration of Democracy in Greece in 1974 and despite positive changes that occurred in Greece -in spite of the increased role of local government attempted in ’80s- Union’s institutional framework remained intact. Presidential Degree 197/78 defined objectives of its statutory local associations and KEDE’s central union operating framework. Also recorded purposes of statutory local associations and the central association is to promote municipal authorities.

Greek Agency for Regional Development and Local Government (ETAA) founded in 1985, as Union’s scientific advisor. Five years later, an SA which providing consultancy services “Information, Training, Local Development” founded and in 2005 Local Government Institute (ITA) started operating.

After passed of Law 3852/10, known as “Kallikratis”, by Greek Parliament a new framework of election bodies in the Municipalities and Greek Regional Municipalities Association (PED) entered. By Presidential Degree 75/11, CENTRAL UNION OF MUNICIPALITIES OF GREECE (KEDE) was founded in modernized frame.