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Υear of Establishment: 2003

Address: 5, Himaras str., Marousi, P.C.: 151 25, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 8010962 – 3 Fax: + 30 210 8012272

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HELLENIC RECOVERY RECYCLING CORPORATION (HERRCO), as Greek law foresees, runs the System of the Blue Bins and the Blue Bells since 2003 as the Recycling System licensed by the Local Authorities. It was founded by industrial and commercial enterprises in the Greek market, which either place packaged products in the Greek market, or manufacture packaging and up to date number more than 3,500 contracted companies. The Central Union of Municipalities (KEDE) also takes part in HERRCO’s share capital.

The contribution of HERRCO to packaging recycling is significant. It covers 95% of the national target. During 2022 HERRCO, through its Blue Bin operation met its goals and legal obligation of the affiliated companies, by delivering 472 thousand tons vs 290 thousand tons, which had as a target, thus HERRCO covered its goal by 163%.

Since 2003, HERRCO has recycled more than 8 million tons and has spent over 369 million euros on investments and operational expenditure for the purpose of its System to respond and attend to the needs of the citizens. The operating Blue Bins placed in the neighborhoods of the country have exceeded the number of 173,000 and the collaborating Municipalities number 312. The collection vehicles that have been delivered to the

Municipalities amount to 540. In 2022, the collaborating Municipalities carried out 140,000 collection routes for recyclable materials which ended up at the 31 cooperating Recycling Sorting Centers (KDAY) all over the country.

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Contact Person: Miranta Kolovou Marketing Specialis