Υear of Establishment: 2012

Address: 150, Andrea Papandreou ave., Glyfada, P.C.: 166 51, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 9652031 Fax: + 30 210 9652081

Web Site: www.hellabiom.gr

e-mail: info@hellabiom.gr, secretary@hellabiom.gr


The HELLENIC BIOMASS ASSOCIATION (HELLABIOM) serves as the representative body of the professional and scientific community in the Greek biomass valorization sector. With many years of presence in the field, it participates as a national member in significant international organizations such as the European Biomass Association-Bioenergy Europe, the European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI), the European Pellet Council (EPC), and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). Furthermore, it is involved in the network of national biomass associations that support the SURE Biomass Sustainability Verification System for the implementation of sustainability principles across the entire biomass value chain.

The sectors in which HELLABIOM focuses its activities include electrical power generation and co-generation from biomass, district heating, standardized solid biofuels (pellets – briquettes), gasification, pyrolysis, biochar, carbon capture through bioenergy (BECCS), and carbon removal through biochar (BCR).

The goals of HELLABIOM are to promote and showcase proper practices of energy utilization of biomass on a national and regional scale, to support and publicize the results of scientific research, and to foster the necessary cooperative climate for the success of the bioenergy and bioeconomy sectors and markets, through the amalgamation of strengths and capabilities at the scientific, technological, and business levels.

Contact Person: Nikos Damatis (Secretary General of BoD)