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Exhibitor Categories:

The trade fair hosts:

  • Regions, Regional Municipal Associations, Municipalities, Development Associations.

Companies with activities in the following sectors:

  • Environmental Restoration – State-of-the-art Technologies & Energy Savings.
  • Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Photovoltaic Systems.
  • Product and Material Recycling.
  • Natural Resources Management.
  • Liquid and Solid Waste Management.
  • “Green” Industry, Machinery, Tools & Equipment.
  • Electromobility

Exhibit Categories:



-Recover infected areas

-Analysis of biogas

-Soil analysis

-Analysis of industrial processing outputs

-Analysis and categorization of gases

-Analysis and categorization of waste

-Analysis of dust

– Water analysis

-Analysis of hydrocarbons

-Mixers, pumps

– Replanting

– Duct/pipe detection

-Anti-pollution treatment

-Pump assemblies

-Axial and radial fans

-Rehabilitation of quarries

-Restoration of buildings environment

– Asbestos decontamination

– Disinfection of ground water

-Absorbent and adhesive materials

-Absorbent materials for the separate purification of gases

– Absorptive processes

– Absorbent material and active carbon

– Sea pollution

-Cartography and data archiving (hardware and software)

– Sterilizers and sterile environment technologies

-Explosion valves

-Gravity separators

-Biological filters

-Biological air treatment

-Industrial recovery

-Industrial analysis

-Geogrids, geotextiles and geomembranes

– Waste water samplers

-Condensation processes

-Various gauges

– Separators

-Control of agricultural herbicides

-Process control

– Check air cleaning systems

-Heat exchangers

-Filtering control

-Indicators of energy efficiency

-Level indicators

– Lawn aeration accessories

-Energy saving

-Saving and efficiency in energy distribution

-Equipment and materials for land recovery

-Equipment and materials for environmental monitoring

-Production equipment (separators, extractors, chromatographs)

– Remediation and restoration of contaminated sites and lands

-Treatment of pollutant gases

-Processing dust

– Processing, slag

-Laser level meters for laying pipelines

-Laser level meters for earthmoving machines

-Energy service companies

– Scales

-Electrostatic separators

-Thermal processes

-Thermal process

-Fume cleaning / activated carbon reagents / vaporizers / gas scrubbers / dust collectors / nitrogen oxide reduction systems

– Air cleaning and treatment

-Innovative technologies for energy storage

– Covers


-Cabins for atmospheric control measurements

– Catalysts and neutralized chemical products

– Catalytic processes

-Mobile processing units

-Mobile equipment for environmental monitoring

-Energy usage monitoring and management software


-Landscape architecture construction studies

– Transport and evacuation of gases and fumes

-Safety measures for contaminated areas

-Measurement of PH and reduction of redox potential

-Measurement of dissolved oxygen

-Gas level measurement

-Measurement of electrical conductivity

– Temperature and humidity measurement

-Turbidity measurement

-Measurement and control of radioactivity

-Measurement of meteorological parameters

-Quantity measurement

-Measurement of level / rate / capacity

-Gas and vapor concentration measurement

-Measurement of dust concentration

– Counters

-Air cleaning machines

– Coastal cleaning / reclamation machinery

-Microbiological treatment

– Instruments of geological studies

-Topography and geodesy instruments

-Organization and site restoration

-Environmental studies

-Floating dams

-Water table protection and recovery

-Skimming systems

-Soil – air suction systems

-Disinfection and detoxification systems

-Security and monitoring systems

-Early fire warning systems

-Emission control systems

-Vacuum systems

-Contamination monitoring systems

-Gas leak warning systems

-Remote control systems

– Characterization plans


– Disinfection techniques

-Soil stabilization techniques

-Technology and instruments for analysis and measurement

-Technology and instruments for control and prevention

-Liquid electrostatic precipitators

-Water barriers

-Gas monitoring materials and distance

-Material for measuring emitted gas

– Centrifuges


-Operators of water treatment facilities

-Chemistry and pollution control techniques

-Chemical and biological products for cleaning

-Chemical / physical air treatment

-Earth-moving and lawn-mowing machines

Wind power

-Wind power equipment, components and technologies

-Manufacturers of wind turbines

– Control and management software

-Transportation and construction

-Mini wind systems

-Producers of civil engineering projects related to wind energy


-Biogas combustion steam turbines

-Alternative biogas combustion engines

-Equipment, components and technologies for biogas systems

-Biogas burners

-Silos and fermentation chambers

-Systems for the production of biogas from industrial waste

-Systems for the production of biogas from livestock waste

-Systems for the production of biogas from waste areas and cleaning facilities

-Safety pipes


– Ethanol

– Gasoline and diesel without sulphur



-Equipment, components and technologies for alternative fuels

-Manufacturers and installers of natural gas and LPG conversion kits

-Biodiesel and ethanol burners

-Systems for the production of alternative fuels

-Natural gas and LPG


-Biomass combustion steam turbines

-Industrial biomass combustion systems

-Biomass combustion hot air generators

-Biomass area heating networks

-Biomass components and technologies

-Biomass equipment, components and technologies

-Biomass processing

-Tablet burners

-Gasified wood burning boilers

-Boilers burning tablets and / or pieces

-Machines for the production of tablets and / or pieces

-Suppliers of tablets and / or pieces

-Biomass collection systems


-Geothermal well detectors

-Geothermal production facilities

-Geothermal equipment, components and technologies

-Heating and cooling systems powered by geothermal energy

-Geothermal well drillers


-Installations of solar thermal systems

-Parts of solar thermal systems

-Solar thermal systems with forced circulation

-Solar thermal systems of natural circulation

-Solar cooling systems

-Solar steam boilers for heating systems

-Solar Water Heaters

-Solar dryers for agricultural products

-Solar panels

– Control and management software

-Individual solar district heating systems

-Control units

-Insulated pipes

-Combined solar / gas systems



-Mini hydroelectric generators

-Maintenance and reconstruction of hydroelectric installations

– Turbines for hydroelectric plants

-Hydroelectric facilities

-Hydroelectric equipment, components and technologies


-Installers of photovoltaic systems

-Flexible units

– Control and management software

-Converters for network inputs

-Thin membrane units

-Integrated hybrid photovoltaic systems

– Accumulators

-Control, interface and measurement systems

– Photovoltaic components and technologies

– Photovoltaic tiles

– Photovoltaic panels for facades and facade shading

-Turnkey photovoltaic systems

– Photovoltaic solar monitoring systems

– Photovoltaic units

-Bio-buildings, design and construction of passive and low energy buildings

-General ecological building materials

-Special glazing units

-Energy efficient lighting

-Parts and technology to save heating and energy

– Halogen-free electrical material

-Sound insulation

-Floor heating

-Heating walls

-Glass and window frames of high thermal efficiency, winter gardens

– Condensing boilers

-Insulating materials, environmentally friendly

-Insulating floor coverings

– Ecological floors

-Ecological colors

-Green roofs

– Energy storage systems

-Automatic building control systems

-Energy monitoring and management systems

-Related services & consultants

– Bio-building materials

-Bioclimatic design services

-Solvent regeneration

-Equipment for scrap and waste

– Catalysts

-Blades / cutters

-Collected and recycled materials

-Collection of plastics

-CRT collection

– Collection of inert waste

– Aluminum collection

– Collection of biodegradable waste

-Glass collection

– Collection of aerosol cans

– Collection of abandoned vehicles

– Collection of vehicle tires

– Collection of refrigeration equipment

-Collection of electrical and electronic components

-Computer collection

-Collection of fluorescent lamps

– Collection of non-ferrous metals

-Collection of batteries

-Collection of wood

– Collection of household appliances

-Collection of organic waste

-Collection of organic oils

– Collection of radioactive waste

-Collection of ferrous metals

– Collection of materials containing mercury

– Collection of photographic / chemical products

-Steel collection

-Collection of paper and cardboard

-Final products from collected materials



– Mixers

-Anti-pollution treatment

– Sterilizers

– Bio shredders

– Separators

-Facilities for diversified collection

-Processing facilities

– Composting facilities

-Washing facilities

– Exploitation of waste for energy production


-Equipment for hazardous waste treatment

-Treatment of inert waste

– Asbestos processing

-Processing of recyclable materials

-Slaughterhouse and farm waste treatment

-Treatment of biological waste

– Treatment of special and hazardous waste

– Processing of electrical and electronic components

– Processing of organic oils

-Treatment of chemical / natural waste

-Movable cover for storage centers

-Moving rotating sieves

-Oil breaking agents and absorbents

-Waste transformers

-Machinery and equipment for the production of compost

– Dryers

– Presses

-Vibrating sieves

– Crushers

-Systems for wire rope retaining chains, wire ropes and bearings

– Waste treatment systems and facilities

-Choppers / shredders


-Chemical and biological products for cleaning


-Anaerobic processes

-Recycling household waste

-Anti-corrosion products

-Reactive measurement equipment

-Pumps and pumping stations

-Rainwater storage

-Disinfection of waste water / deodorization

-Absorbent cesspools


– Drainage

-Sand removal


– Biodiscs

-Biological treatment

– Sedimentation tanks

-Municipal and rural cleaning facilities

– Separators

– UV radiation facilities

-Ion exchange facilities

– Absorption facilities

-Softening facilities

-Iron and manganese removal facilities

– Desalination plants

-Exhaust installations

– Water treatment facilities

-Floating facilities

-Cleaning facilities with a metal structure

-Cleaning facilities with sludge stabilization

-Precipitation and flocculation installations

– Algae destruction facilities

-Membrane installations

-Sand washing facilities

– Ozonation facilities

-Water collection facilities

– Primary sedimentation facilities

-Filtering facilities

– Plant cleaning facilities

– Chlorination plants

-Ventilation equipment

-Lake and river aeration equipment

– Water reuse

-Drainage water treatment

-Electrical equipment

– Electrolytic treatment

– Water purification and treatment

-Cleaning channels


– Covers for transfusion tanks

-Covers for cleaning facilities


-Storage centers

– Sifting and filtering

-Mechanical equipment

-Small cleaning facilities

-Nitrification and denitrification

-Household facilities

– Ecological toilets

-Vehicles and equipment for canal inspection

-Coating protection products

-Prefabricated cleaning facilities

-Compact cleaning facilities

-Water drainage devices, wells

-Activated mud system

– Drainage systems

– Impregnation systems

-Water and drainage pipes

– Pipes, connections, joints

– Material for filtration filters


-Oxygen blowers

-Physical / mechanical processing

-Physical / chemical treatment

-Chemical and biological products for the treatment of waste water

-Chemical and biological products for cleaning and hygiene

-Διαχείριση οικολογικού σταθμού

-Διαχείριση πλατφόρμας συλλογής

-Εγκατάσταση και διαχείριση αποτεφρωτήρα

-Εγκατάσταση και διαχείριση συστημάτων απόρριψης, ανακύκλωσης και επιλογής

-Εγκατάσταση και διαχείριση συστημάτων κομποστοποίησης

-Εγκατάσταση και διαχείριση χωματερών

-Συντήρηση περιοχών με αρχιτεκτονική τοπίου

-Υπηρεσία διάθεσης σε χωματερή

-Υπηρεσία διαφοροποιημένης συλλογής απορριμμάτων

-Χειμερινές οδικές υπηρεσίες

-Industrial vacuum cleaners (with walking operator, with seated operator)

-Brushes for technical applications

-Ground propulsion machinery and equipment

-Various bags and sacks

-Containers for oil recovery

-Waste separation facilities

-Special containers for diversified collection

-Vehicle parts and accessories

-Equipment and products for environmental cleaning and hygiene

-Washing equipment and systems

-Waste collection equipment

-Electric vacuum cleaners, cleaning machines

– Who are they?

-High pressure cleaners

-Waste baskets

-Special waste collection boxes / bases

-Large collection boxes

-Transportation of waste by floating means

-Transportation films

-Machines for the collection of waste of all kinds

– Machines for compression and collection of metal cans

– Road transport of waste

– Road cleaning and maintenance vehicles


– Sweeper

– Railway transport of waste

-Supports for industrial wheelchairs

-Supports for containers

-Bag / sack supports and transport


-Devices for emptying containers and boxes

– Devices for transporting containers and boxes

-Container and box handling devices

– Collection systems

-Technology applied to waste transport

-Telescopic operators

– Wheeled carts and buckets

-Wheel loaders

-Sewage transport trucks

-Principles of surveillance and monitoring (environmental monitoring)

-Public and private authorities

-Voluntary environmental associations

-National and international institutions

-Companies and banks that offer financing for energy / environmental sustainability

-Companies providing management & maintenance services

-Consulting companies

-Institutions, financial organizations, insurance companies

-Research and training centers

-Environmental impact assessment studies

-Nonprofit organizations

-Certification and standardization organizations

-Environmental communication

-Cooperatives and joint ventures

-Technical and construction companies

– Consulting services and IT technologies

-Certification bodies and companies

-Passenger and commercial biofuel vehicles

-Electric passenger and commercial vehicles

-Low emission buses

-Hydrogen combustion vehicles

-Hybrid passenger and commercial vehicles

-Hydrogen system components and technologies

-Electrolytic and reforming systems

-Hydrogen distribution systems


Participation Information



Dear exhibitors,

With the EXPOSYSTEM’s brochure below we inform you about the additional provisions, as well as structural and equipment items which shall be at your disposal from EXPOSYSTEM.

We are at your disposal for any question you may have.

Technical Provisions Form

Dear exhibitors, With this form, we inform you about the extra benefits, as well as about the structural and equipment elements that are available to you.


Days and hours of operation:

Days and hours of operation:

The 7th international exhibition ”Verde.Tec / Environmental Technologies” will take place from 21 to 23 February 2025 at the Mediterranean Exhibition Center (M.E.C.) in Paiania.

  • Friday 21 February: 10.00 – 19.00
  • Saturday 22 February: 10.00 – 19.00
  • Sunday 23 February: 10.00 – 19.00

Access to MEC:


The Mediterranean Exhibition Center (MEC) is located at Lavriou Avenue 301, in Paiania Attica. It is directly accessible both via Lavriou Avenue (no. 301) and via Attica Street (Exit 17 – Kanza).

With the new road axes, the MEC is now:

10′ from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport
10′ from the Athens – Thessaloniki National Highway (PATHE), Transformation
25′ from the City Center


MEC has 30,000 sq.m. free parking spaces, around its facilities.

How to come

Buses (by TSOKAS company) will run daily routes every half hour

• from “Dukissis Placentias” Metro Station to the M.E.C. Exhibition Center (9:00 – 18:00)
• from the Exhibition Center M.E.C. to “Dukissis Placentias” Metro Station (11:00 – 20:00)

By car

MEC is directly and easily accessible by road from all major highways of Attica:

National Road (PATHE), District Ymitto, Attiki Odos Lavriou Avenue, Mesogeion Avenue, Varis Koropiou Avenue

Attiki Odos

MEC is located very close (1.5 km) to Exit 17 – KANTZA of Attica Road.

Traveling from Thessaloniki to MEC:

Moving on the National Highway (PATHE) in the direction of Athens, use Entrance 8 of the Attica Road (Metamorfosi) and take it in the direction of MARKOPOULO.

After about 10 minutes of driving, use Exit 17 – KANTZA of Attica Road to get to the MEC.

Driving from Markopoulos Airport to the MEC:

Moving on Attiki Odos in the direction of ELEFSINA, use Exit 17 – KANTZA to find yourself at the MEC.

Driving on the Ymittos Regional Road to the MEC:

Moving in Cir. Ymittou in the direction of Attiki Odos:

use Exit Y6 – GLYKA NERA and move to Lavriou Avenue in the direction of Peania to find yourself at MEC (2.0 km) or use Exit Y7M and move to Attiki Road in the direction of MARKOPOULO and after driving for about 1 minute, use Exit 17 – KANTZA of the Attica Road to reach the MEC (1.5 km).

Driving on Mesogeion Avenue towards the MEC:

Moving on Mesogeion Avenue in the direction to Rafina, turn right on Lavriou Avenue (St. Paraskevi Cross Junction) in the direction of Paiania to find yourself in MEC (4 km).

Moving on Mesogeion Avenue in the direction of Athens, turn left on Lavriou Avenue (St. Paraskevi Cross Junction) in the direction of Paiania to find yourself in MEC (4 km). 

By public transport

Line: 307 Dukissis Placentia – Glyka Nera – Prost. Koropi
Line: 308 Mint – Paiania – Koropi
Line: 125 Mint – Paiania – Varkiza

Stand: BYTHULKA (direction Koropi)
Stop: MICHOULI (direction Athens)

K.T.E.L. Attica 
Lines: from Pedio Areos to Porto Rafti, Lavrio, etc.

Stand: BYTHULKA (direction Koropi)
Stop: MICHOULI (direction Athens)

By train

Suburban Railway
Line: Airport – Ano Liosia

Line: 3 / Airport – Egaleo

By airplane

The Eleftherios International Airport Venizelos” is only 15 km from the MEC.

Using TAXI or CAR, the journey takes 10′, via Attica Road heading towards ELEFSINA (Exit 17 – KANTZA). 

Recommended Accommodation Hotels: