Υear of Establishment: 1990

Address: 8th km national road Karditsa – Athens, Karditsa, P.C.: 433 00, Greece

Web Site: www.evagsolar.gr

e-mail: info@evagsolar.gr


The company S.K. EVANGELOPOULOS & CO GP has a 70 years history. It was founded to be active in the field of Metal Structures, while over time differentiated itself in other sectors and manufactured machinery for the primary sector. Since 2009, Business unit EVAG SOLAR was established, and designs and manufactures Mounting Structures for Photovoltaic Panels, as well as metal pegs, screws and conjunction metals.

The vision of Evangelopoulos Group, is to increase its share in the market of Metal processing and more specifically in PV Mounting Systems and offer high quality products and services in Greece and abroad.

EVAG SOLAR operates with a holistic approach, a high level of know-how, with planning and responsibility. It is constantly evolving production machines and investing in the specialization of human resources to meet the growing market demand.

Its mission is to meet the expectations of its customers, to constantly lead the way and to contribute with its products to the support of RES projects, to the green development of the Greek economy for a clean environment, without CO2 carbon.

The company manufactures PV Mounting Structures for Photovoltaic panels Solar Easy & Bifacial suitable for plots. It also manufactures PV mounting systems for roofs of all categories and types of buildings. The PV mounting systems are made from high technology machinery, having all necessary specifications for resistance to natural phenomena according to the Euro-code 1,2,3,8.