Υear of Establishment: 2018

Address: National Technical University of Athens – Polytechnic Campus, Zografou, P.C.: 157 72, Greece

Τel.: + 30 698 433 9625

Web Site: www.envinow.gr

e-mail: info@envinow.gr


ENVINOW.GR is a youth initiative launched in 2018 by students of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Its current editorial team includes more than 30 participants from seven NTUA Schools and other Universities. Additional contributors to the website’s content are PhD candidates, NTUA professors, as well as experienced environmental market executives. Its content includes news, articles, scientific reports, interviews and legislation. The team also addresses questions posed by the readers, covering the whole range of environmental issues.

Another axis of activity of the group is the implementation of projects and actions of environmental interest. Such examples are the organization of workshops or informative and networking events, but also the team’s research activity in collaboration with other stakeholders.

The team also aims at putting environmental issues to the spotlight while offering responsible and practical information to the public. In simple terms, it acts by endorsing green actions, presenting solutions to daily and specialised issues through the emergence of sustainability methods as an evaluation guide.

Since its launch, ENVINOW.GR has been open to both the public, the scientific community and the corporations. Thanks to its unbiased content, Envinow.gr has become the biggest online environmental community in Greece since summer of 2020!

Contact: info@envinow.gr