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Υear of Establishment: 1998

Address: 67, Dimokratias ave., Aspropyrgos, P.C.: 193 00, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 5577673-4 Fax: + 30 210 5577658

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Facebook: ΕΝΔΙΑΛΕ

ENDIALE was founded in 1998 and has been, authorized since July 2004 by the Hellenic Ministry of Environment as National Collective System of Waste Lube Oils (W.L.O) Management in Greece. Since July 1st, 2004, ENDIALE has developed a number of substantial collaborations with companies operating in the Greek Market of Lubricants and Waste Lube oils, such as Producers and Importers of Lubricants covering minimum 97% of the Greek Market, 44 Independent collectors of Waste Lube Oils, 8 Regenerators of Waste lube oils and more than 40,000 collection points covering the collection needs in all of Greece including the islands. Since the second half of 2004 until 31-12-2023, it has collected and led to regeneration a quantity of more than 550,000 tons of WLO. The successful operation of the SED (exceeding the collection and regeneration targets of WLO) results in:

a. Greece to be first in the EU in the percentage of WLO regeneration, as it leads 100% of the collected WLO in regeneration which is the BAT, a fact that is a unique achievement of circular economy in the world.

b. To be a successful example for the rest of the EU, in the increase of recycling through the ENDIALE’s collective system which operates according to the Extended Producer Responsibility frame and is reflected in a number of studies and research on behalf of the European Commission.

Through the operation of the ENDIALE, Greece achieves the highest rates of collection and recycling of lubricants, with the lowest cost in European level for the final consumer.

Contact Person: Panagiotis Papadopoulos