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Υear of Establishment: 2022

Address: 15A, G. Sissini str., Athens, P.C.: 115 28, Greece

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Conversion of biogas-to-power plants for biomethane production

The conversion of biogas-to-power plants for biomethane production, like any expansion or upgrading project, requires a complex study that will address both the interconnection of the new upgrading plant (separation of biogas into its two main components) with the existing anaerobic digestion plant and the transmission-transportation of the final product to the natural gas grids or the final consumers.

AGROMETHANE GREECE can undertake and execute the entire range of activities required for the conversion of a biogas-to-power plant to a biomethane or hybrid plant:

  • Study of the most suitable transport solution for the location of the biomethane plant through physical or “virtual” (tanker transport) pipelines.
  • Selection of optimal upgrade technology, based on the characteristics of the biogas produced and the injection requirements into the grid.
  • Minimization of auxiliary energy costs (electrical – thermal).
  • Design of relevant systems.
  • Preliminary site studies.
  • Documentation of technical and economic feasibility.
  • Review of environmental impact studies and construction and production permits.

Similar services are required for the implementation of new biomethane plants.

Contact Person: K. Alexandridis