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Υear of Establishment: 2023

Address: 21st km NR Athina -Lamia, Krioneri, P.C.: 145 68, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 2204381

Web Site:



A&G GREEN ENERGY SA is a new activity of “A&G Paper AEBE”, which has ten years of experience in the installation and operation of photovoltaic parks.

The object of A&G GREEN ENERGY SA is the representation and marketing of Sunman’s technologically advanced eArc photovoltaic panels, which are light weight and can be installed horizontally on building roofs with ease. They are a pioneering and unique solution for different types of roofs such as TPO, PVC, Hellenit, PU and metal constructions, and they offer maximum security against strong winds, does not injure the roof and does not require counterweights or fixing materials. They have high efficiency and a guarantee of linear power output for 25 years.

For the implementation of the installations, A&G GREEN ENERGY SA cooperates with specialized engineers, architects and certified installation crews, who undertake the entire process from schedule and licensing, to the final connection to the electrical network.

Contact Person: Antony Vamvakaris