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6th international exhibition VERDE.TEC: 29 – 31 March, 2024


The new date for the fixed annual appointment for environmental technologies, circular economy and smart cities has been announced, and no one should miss it!

The fast-paced developments in the environmental sector and the increasing efforts to protect it make the first specialized exhibition that “paved the way” for conducting environmental exhibitions, a significant step towards providing solutions and answers to the challenges we face. The 6th international exhibition VERDE.TEC / Environmental Technologies will take place from March 29 to 312024, with preparations already underway.

Innovation, cutting-edge technology and research will take center stage for three days at VERDE.TEC, which is more than just a meeting point but has now emerged as a collaboration hub between businesses, organizations, local government and the State. Especially today, as environmental technologies continue to emerge as a competitive advantage for the modern economy that prioritizes sustainability and environmental protection, the VERDE.TEC exhibition is an ideal destination.

The 6th edition is expected to host the highest number of participants yet, with the most dynamic and expanded program of events, as well as welcoming thousands of visitors.


The VERDE.TEC Forum aims at addressing every aspect of the environmental sector, making it an essential event for companies, organizations, scientists, educational institutions and local government. The interest in participation is particularly high, with dozens of seminars and workshops already being planned. It is expected to be a productive Forum, providing new perspectives and ideas that can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Greek Green Awards 

At the same time, the Greek Green Awards ceremony is being prepared. For yet another year, a specialized scientific committee will review the submissions and select businesses, organizations and local government bodies that have put scientific knowledge and innovation in service of the environment through projects they have implemented or products and solutions they have developed.

 The exhibition fair hosts:

  • Regions, Regional Municipal Associations, Municipalities, Development Associations.

Companies with activities in the following sectors: 

  • Environmental Restoration – State-of-the-art Technologies & Energy Savings.
  • Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Photovoltaic Systems.
  • Product and Material Recycling.
  • Natural Resources Management.
  • Liquid and Solid Waste Management.
  • “Green” Industry, Machinery, Tools & Equipment.
  • Electromobility.

Verde-tec addresses the following types of visitors:

  • Executives, engineers and technicians of LGOs, industry, small industry, large commercial businesses, construction companies, hotels, Transport, Logistics. 
  • Heads of technical departments of public Organisations and Businesses.
  • Architects.
  • Contractors.
  • RES investors.
  • Planners.
  • Representatives and traders from around Greece.
  • Foreign company agents.
  • Individuals interested in photovoltaic installations, biological clean-ups and water quality systems or energy saving systems for use in own properties.