Υear of Establishment: 2015

Address: 13, Chrysanthemon str., Glyka Nera, P.C.: 153 54, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 6655540

Web Site: www.tasisenergy.gr

e-mail: info@tasisenergy.gr


In 2015, despite difficult times due to the financial recession, our positive energy created: “TASIS ENERGY”

Focusing on Solar Energy to tackle climate & energy crisis, we installed the first 500kWp Net-Metering (self-consumption) PV system in Greece (2017) & the first one for EV charging.

With more than 1,100 satisfied clients & various installations nationwide until now, we continue to innovate in commercial and special applications, offering complete solutions regarding Photovoltaic systems (Grid – Connected / Self – consumption) such as:

  • Study and licensing
  • Development and construction
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Management and energy efficiency study/consulting

TASIS ENERGY consists of qualified electrical engineers – specialized and experienced technicians, certified according to the European Standard PVTRIN, who aims to give honest and efficient services, having high quality products, passion and respect for your needs.

We are always in a “sunny” mood, to meet any technical challenge & need.

Contact Person: George Nikias