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Address: 137, 28th Oktovriou str., Athens, P.C.: 112 51, Greece

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ELLAKMON ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY PCC is a leading engineering and technical supply company in the field of biomass utilization for the production of clean and renewable energy.

At the moment, ELLAKMON ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY PCC is maturing projects for units with a total power of 23MW throughout Greece.

Since 2018, the ELLAKMON ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY PCC is the exclusive representative in Greece and Cyprus of the international Austrian company BIOGEST, which manufactures with innovative technology biomass anaerobic digestion units for the production of green electrical and thermal energy through the energy recovery of biogas and biomethane.

The company BIOGEST (Bioquadrat Energie und Wassertechnik Holding GmbH) has more than 30 years of experience in the field of energy utilization of biowaste through anaerobic digestion, while to date it has built more than 180 units on a global scale (USA, Europe, Asia) with an installed capacity of over 80MW. It also has 9 offices around the world while more than 80 specialist technicians and scientists are employed in more than 9 countries

In Greece, 2 units with a total power of 1.5 MW are already being built, while contracts have been signed for the construction of mature projects with a total power of 6MW.

Contact Person: Efi Gkazeli